A working site for the Proficiency Testing Committee

Proficiency testing, including measurement audits, is an important tool used by accreditation bodies to assist in assessing the technical competence of laboratories. It is also an important tool for APLAC in evaluating the comparability of tests and calibration results among laboratories accredited by APLAC members. To this end, APLAC provides a series of proficiency testing programs, each of which is coordinated by an APLAC member accreditation body.

Participation in APLAC PT programs is only available via nomination by the laboratory's domestic APLAC member accreditation body. For details of other PT providers please see APLAC PT 003 that can be downloaded from the Publications section of this web site.

A link to the PT programs appears above. For further details, please contact Dr He Ping, Chairman of the APLAC Proficiency Testing Committee on heping@cnas.org.cn