Medical Records

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123 Up And Adam, Inc shall keep its client(s) Medical Records safe and shall maintain them for a minimum of seven years from date of last client encounter.

Providing Records to 123 Up And Adam, Inc

Unless the law provides otherwise, the organization will ask its clients for medical records

  • A physician who provides a patient’s medical records to the Board, in response to the Board’s request, shall not be liable in any cause of action arising out of the receiving of such information.
  • Although the HIPAA privacy rule generally requires that health-care providers obtain patient consent prior to releasing identifiable health care information, there is an exemption when the Board requests medical records from physicians. In those instances, the physician is not required to seek patient approval prior to providing records to the Board. In addition, the physician may produce the records to the Board without the Board providing a release from the patient. 45 C.F.R. § 164.512(d)(1)(i).

123 Up And Adam, Inc

Obligations with respect to client Medical Records

Patient Access to Medical Records:

A client is entitled to inspect or receive a copy of his or her medical record, A client may assume that his or her medical record is theirs and that the original record belongs to them since the information in the medical record is about them; however, we are required to maintain the original ensuring that a clients medical history will be available to assist any future health care provider.

The records can be requested by a client, the parents or legal guardian, or, with the clients authorization, by another physician or any person authorized by the client. Health care providers must provide patients, upon request, with an opportunity to inspect their records, receive a copy of their records, or receive a copy of any previously completed report required for third party reimbursement.

A client of 123 Up And Adam, Inc will be entitled to a copy of their complete records, including records transferred from previous physicians, the organization has 30 days to provide the client or the client's representative with a copy of the requested medical records. In the case of a medical emergency or Social Security claims, records should be provided as soon as possible.

Psychotherapy Records:

If 123 Up And Adam, Inc is in possession of a clients psychotherapy records the organization upon request by client or representative shall provide full records if releasing the entire medical record would adversely affect the clients well-being, 123 Up And Adam, Inc may provide a summary of the record. If the patient continues to request the entire record, the organization will make it available to either the patient’s attorney, with the clients consent, or to another psychotherapist, as designated by the client G.L. c. 112, § 12CC and 243 CMR 2.07 (13)(e).