GRC Roles

The founder and president of 123 Up And Adam, Inc has made the decision that the organization adopt and implements a "Quality Management System". This is a way in which the organization directs and controls its activities, consisting of the organization’s structure, the planning, processes, resources and documented information that we need to use in achieving the organization's, "Quality Objectives".

It's up to everyone in making 123 Up And Adam's a success, organizing its activities into a formal Quality Management System is a first step, I know that by investing our time to understanding (The ISO 9001:2015 "Quality management system standards" requirements) We will be investing in the organization and community. Our Board of Directors will be the next step in our Quality Management System this is a Top priority in fulfilling the the organization's mission and objectives.

  1. Board & Organizational Governance
  2. Risk Management & Assurance
  3. Compliance & Ethics
  4. Internal Audit
  5. Finance & Internal Controls
  6. Policy Management
  7. Regulatory Affairs
  8. Legal Counsel
  9. Quality Management
  10. Human Resources & Training
  11. IT Architecture
  12. IT Security & Governance
  13. Social Responsibility
  14. Health & Safety


  1. Operational Manual
  2. Procedures Manual
  3. Policy Manual
  4. Board Manual
  5. Employee Manual
  6. Volunteer Manual
  7. Emergency Manual
  8. HR Manual

Operating Framework

Operating Documents Systems and Manuals



Primary Operating


Secondary Operating