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Suppose you see a disabled homeless person hurting and whom may also have a chronic disease. He or she lives on the streets or in a shelter and wanders the streets all day with no place to rest, bathe, or use of a bathroom. Having no place to go he or she decides to go to the emergency room for support.

After being discharged from the emergency room their back on the streets with their health again at risk. 123 Up And Adam, Inc. vision is to see these same individuals in a safe alternative to the living conditions they are currently facing a place to call home, where they can recover.

You may be saying, “There are places they can go” for different reasons, many emergency shelters do not allow “guests” to stay on the premises during the day. Some requirements are that they be out looking for work or there isn’t enough staff.

Whatever the reason, many of these individuals are sick or injured and must often wander the streets 123 Up And Adam, Inc. wants to be part of the solution with your help WE can.