Autonomous Milks™

M2 Foods

M2 Foods is developing cell-cultured dairy foods until dairy cows can retire out to pasture.

M2 Colostrupedics®

Making Human Milk a Human Right™

M2 Colostrupedics is humanizing infant formula with corporate partners until human milk is a human right.

M2 Health is developing Human Lactoferrin with HMO glycans as its first human milk therapeutic.

M2 Magic of Milk Platform

The M2 Magic of Milk platform is a turnkey smart bioreactor platform with artificial intelligence to empower autonomous cell feeding, autonomous milking and continuous monitoring that will enable global scale production of cell-cultured milks at low cost.

M2 will accelerate the first great single cell, multiple product opportunity in biotechnology - mammary Cellufacturing®.

To inquire about licensing M2 and partnering with Autonomous Milks on the future of food, infant formula and medicine please email: