Release Notes

Current Release

Enhancements in this release include

    • Added ability to add/prescribe individual instructions as opposed to therapy from library

Previous Releases


  • Chart Logs
    • Easily see how many patients visited your clinic for any time period


  • Easily see when a client last logged in, exercised or sent message
  • Administrators can now download SOAP notes and profiles in CSV format
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Cross device continuation. Multiple devices? Only search for your client once. 1010 Physiotherapy does the rest.
  • Improved user's ability to understand where they are and where they were
  • Ability to customize email invites to patients
  • Client search now works by email and name
  • Fixed sorting when filtering clients
  • App now remembers preferred therapy list card size


  • Better support for large fonts
  • More "breathing room" in general
  • Improved transitions on Chromebooks and tablets
  • Improved quality of Youtube images
  • Improved experience when changing Reps, Sets and frequency with physical keyboards
  • Changed Therapy frequency default to 10 reps, 3 sets, 7 times per week
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Android P Support


  • Added ability for Physiotherapists to view only their own clients (for multiple physiotherapist clinics)
  • Added ability to send email to client with link to patient app
  • Squashed some bugs


  • Support for gmail clinics (clinics that can only have 1 Physiotherapist)
  • Squashed some bugs

1.0 - First Release

  • Support for clinics with multiple physiotherapists
  • Android App for Patients
  • Patient profiles
  • Charts
  • Prescribe Therapy
  • Messaging
  • Support for Free and Custom Therapy