Support and FAQ

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What's the right way to create SOAP notes?

    • Physiopedia has a great summary. You can find it here.

Is there any easy way of directing patients to the 1010 Physiotherapy patient app?

    • Yes there is!! In the client profile tab you'll find a 'Send Invite' button. When clicked this button will open your email app with an email ready to send to the patient. This email includes a link to the patient app at the bottom.
      • Note: An administrator can create a custom email invite for the clinic by going to Settings--Change Email Invite Message

What's the difference between an Administrator and standard user?

    • Administrators and standard users are similar except administrators have the following additional privileges:
      • Manage clinic staff (create users, revoke access, etc.)
      • Change clinic name and address
      • Delete patients
      • Customize the Email invite message to patients

What's the easiest way to create Therapy?

    • 1010 Physiotherapy supports direct integration with YouTube and all your photo apps
      • Simply open the desired photo or youtube video you want to share with your patients, select share and then select 1010 Physiotherapy from the list of apps.

What's the difference between archiving vs deleting prescribed Therapy?

    • Archived therapy continues to be accessible to the patient on their app. Don't worry though because archived therapy is separate from currently prescribed therapy. Deleting therapy, on the other hand, removes it permanently and therefore is no longer available to the patient.

What do I do with the paper exercise handouts I share with my patients today?

    • We suggest scanning them into your Therapy Repository with Google Photoscan to get a high quality, glare free image. Then simply share the scanned image directly with 1010 Physiotherapy and you're good to go
      • Note: 1010 Physiotherapy supports pinch to zoom on your images, so patients will have no problem zooming in to read text that might otherwise be too small