1010 Physiotherapy

You deserve better.

Your clients deserve better

What is the 1010 Physiotherapy app?

It is an application built for the modern Physiotherapist. It is fast, fun, simple and secure. Your clinic software can now be as awesome as the apps on your phone.

The goal of 1010 Physiotherapy is to help modernize the physiotherapy industry and improve patient recovery time.

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How would you work different?

  • If you could start charting on one device and easily finish it on another?
  • If you could prescribe therapy to your patient from your phone or tablet in seconds?
  • If you don't need to use a desk?
  • If you don't need to charge your laptop during the day?
  • If you could assess patient compliance at a glance?
  • If you could dictate charts with your voice?
  • If you could easily grow your own digital therapy library including your old paper handouts?
  • If you could stay connected with your patients after they've left your clinic?
  • If you didn't need an internet connection?
  • If your Physiotherapy software was designed for Physiotherapists?

What can you do with it?

  1. Record patient profiles
  2. Create SOAP Charts
  3. Manage and prescribe therapy exercises (plus track patient progress).
  4. Chat with patients
  5. Grow your own therapy library (or use the many that are available out of the box)

Who is it for?

  • Individual Physiotherapists or Physiotherapy clinics of any size

How does it improve patient compliance?

  • The patient companion app (1010 Physiotherapy for patients) allows your patients to easily access their therapy, track progress and communicate with their therapist. This improves accountability, increases confidence thereby improving compliance.

What do you need?

  • 1010 Physiotherapy is an Android app designed specifically to run on Chromebooks. As such, you'll need to use Chrome and/or Android devices
    • Companion apps for your patients are provided for both Android and IOS
  • For clinics with multiple physiotherapists, a registered domain is required and the email addresses for all therapists within your clinic must belong to that domain
    • Clinics created with Gmail accounts are supported but additional physiotherapists can not be added