1010 Physiotherapy

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Testimonials and Impressions

"I used to use separate services for exercises and charts but they worked nothing like this"

"Wow. What is this? A Physiotherapy app on a laptop that can be folded into a tablet? Why doesn't Apple have this?"

"Finally, charts, exercises and messaging all in one package."

1010 Physiotherapy

1010 Physiotherapy App

A platform designed specifically for Physiotherapists and their clients.

Fast, fun, simple and secure, 1010 Physiotherapy enables a new generation of Physiotherapists to improve how they work and improve patient compliance. Only $1 per day per Physiotherapist.

  • Record patient profiles
  • Create SOAP Charts
  • Prescribe therapy exercises (plus track patient progress)
  • Chat with your patients
  • Over a thousand exercises to prescribe out of the box,... or create your own

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*Volume pricing for large clinics available

*Now includes Doctor Jo's complete library of therapy videos ready to easily prescribe

*We recommend using Anatomyka as a supplementary education tool for clients and therapists


The new Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are here. Fast, Reliable, Simple, Secure.

With apps from the Google Play Store, the world's most popular browser and the hardware you need to get things done, your Chromebook is a new type of computer for work and play.

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