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Who are 1001networks' users?

1001networks.com is constantly studied, developed & dedicated to professionals & companies.

Shippers = suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, sellers, stockers, distributors, wholesalers, traders, agents, multiple roles, resellers, dropshippers, buyers, logistics managers, supplychain manager, senders, SME, and people that need a reliable carrier for their shipping.


- That need carriers or forwarders to increase their marketplace anywhere in the world

- That need to know who the most reliable carriers or forwarders are from city to city

- That need to start a business in a new country or city

- That don’t want to waste time analyzing & testing carriers or forwarders

- That need to constantly watch the market, competitors, and suppliers

- That need to optimize their supply chain according to their activity

- That need to send samples or items of high value/high strategy

- That need to share & contact with others in the industry

What's 1001NETWORKS ?

1001Networks.com is a site that shares & compares shipper's experiences regarding the reliability services offered by the delivery companies.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” Xenophon

1001Networks.com is a site that shares & compares shipper's experiences regarding the reliability of services offered by the delivery companies. Given the multitude of companies specializing in delivery services, with prices ranging from single to double, the complexity of searches, and opinions generally too decided, 1001Networks is committed to allowing users to obtain all the information necessary to choose the most efficient provider. 1001Networks aims to create a Top 100 of the best providers specializing in delivery in each city or country! The goal is a considerable time-saver for the user, giving easy access to the most efficient provider. The time when companies had to test dozens of providers before finding the "good" is over! Impartiality is a Capital Value at 1001Networks! 1001Networks is committed to never favoring any particular provider. 1001Networks is also committed to only providing the most accurate results, based on the comments and opinions provided by users. The ranking of providers is based on the following criteria:

- Operational quality;

- Technology tool quality

- Quality of customer service

Once you have studied the rankings, you will be free to choose the provider who convinced you. No delivery service can be purchased through our site. We simply put you in touch with a third-party site, so we do not mix information and sales. As a result, we have no personal interest in offering one provider over another.

1001networks.com is the world's leading transportation networks database, reviewed, shared & managed by professional shippers. It compares accuracy to determine the most efficient carriers anywhere in the world. 1001networks strongly believes that accuracy & reliability are one of the most important key factors to increase confidence in business, this what the site is made of. 1001Networks strongly believes that everything is possible together. Thanks to the shipper community, who is there to help you get the best experience for your business.

STEP 1: Login & upgrade PRO

STEP 2: Post a review (shipper only)

STEP 3: Compare & analyze

STEP 4: Manage your top 10 networks

STEP 5: Visit & contact professionals

What's the Top 100 Networks & how does it work?

TOP 100 NETWORKS allows you to watch & compare quickly who the best carriers are from city to city.

According to you search criteria, Top 100 Networks centralize reviews posted by professional shippers from around the world for any type of packing, activities, and carriers or forwarders. There is only one TOP 100 ranking Network dedicated to the global shipper & carrier community. By reading reviews of others’ experiences, users can compare quickly a given carrier’s reliability. The global average note is calculated by three quality factors:

Average Note (%) = (( Operational Quality (%) + Technological Quality (%) + Quality of customer service (%) ) / 3)

The average note will be compiled in TOP 100 Networks' system, showing reviews & the whole average note. Finally, there will be a global average note (GAN), that will define the ranking in Top 100 networks: The TOP 100 NETWORKS' Ranking is calculated as below: The most important amount of total reviews posted for the same function, then the best Global average note will count, (ex: 45 same posted reviews with GAN 79% will get higher ranked than 44 same posted reviews with GAN 80%). The goal of TOP 100 Networks is to spot the most popular & best 100 reliability networks overall. Don't worry about the rest, you can search all posted reviews by using the TOP 100 Networks' filter.


How to add a review?

To write a review, just click on the blue "ADD A REVIEW" button. To ensure quality of reviews, you have to fill in all fields, as well as check the 'terms & conditions of use' box. There are two ways to write a review, with your profile status as NO PRO or PRO SHIPPER. PRO SHIPPERS reviews will get spotted in the TOP 100 Networks overall. But how upgrade your profile to PRO SHIPPER?


1001Networks.com place all PROFESIONAL REVIEWS in the TOP 100 Networks, even if you filter no pro reviews or both (PRO & NO PRO), so it's really important to upgrade your status as PRO to insure you get the most profile views. To upgrade your private profile to PRO SHIPPER or CARRIER fill in all fields in your private profile, including legal information about your company, then check terms & conditions of use to confirm all your legal information is true and accurate. It's free.


Please fill in: Your First name & Last name - Your Function - Zipcode - City & Country of your company - Phone - Mobile - Company name - Activity Language & Company registre number. Then save them. The below notification will appear on your account, it will confirm your status as PRO Shipper or Carrier. You will now counted in all reviews posted as a PRO shipper, and your visibility will increase.


Your TOP 10 NETWORKS allow you to follow, watch, & quickly compare the reliability of your favorite networks. Select the heart in the top 100 networks to Fav it then click on it in your TOP 10 Networks, it will automatically compare the position of your networks vs. other similar networks with different carriers.

The comparing, ranking & Global average note are calculated only with PRO reviews & displayed on the TOP 10 NETWORKS only with PRO reviews, the NO PRO reviews are not counted anyways.

To remove or add a new TOP networks just hit the little heart. You can share it by clicking on it, through the top 100 Networks.

Your top 10 networks will get displayed on your public profile, and you could see the top 10 networks for any Shippers or Carriers profiles by searching through the TOP 100 PEOPLE.


Increase your business's networks through the TOP 100 PEOPLE

The 1001networks's community is only focused on & dedicated to professional shippers & carriers, there's no activity flows, it's minimalist and basic. Meet people, shippers & carriers, visit them, mark your interest in their activity, contact them, add points & increase your business’s networks through the TOP 100 PEOPLE's mailbox. From there, you can use the top 100 people filter to select who & where you want to watch or meet. Just select the country, city & activity (according to private profile information), Note: Crowned peoples are website moderators, they are not allowed to post reviews, the green circled people are PRO users shippers or carrier, and the no green circled are the "No PRO" shippers. To promote your business as best as possible, we recommend have an accurate and complete private profile, as well as social link badges such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and your own website, on your private profile. Those are displayed on the left side. Be sure to save your entry & read well terms & conditions of use to avoid potential banning by moderators.

What's "My Table" & How it works ?

My Table is dedicated to professional shippers or carriers to help them to choose the best carrier's reliability for any type of shipping & networks, accordingly all PRO reviews posted and displayed line by line. It 'll display a six-line table preview. You can buy the full table as an .xls or a .csv. Set at least 3 filters or more in My Table, on what you need to analyze, check your six-line table previews below, pay through the PayPal checkout box, then download your full tables as .csv or .xls. It will mark all posted reviews you selected, line by line. After clicking on the download button, you will automatically receive an email with your files, including invoice.


STEP 1: Go to www.1001networks.com.

STEP 2: Go to "New Account".

STEP 3: Fill empty field with valid email.

STEP 4: Select if you are a "shipper" or "carrier/forwarder" in order to see terms & conditions of use.

STEP 5: Read & accept terms & conditions of use, if you agree.

STEP 6: Go to your email box or spam box & confirm your account.

STEP 7: You are now ready to create your private profile & upgrade PRO for free.