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Code of Conduct and Ethics 1001Networks

The 1001Networks Code of Conduct and Ethics provides our partners, associates, employees and contractors with advice to ensure that our behavior at 1001Networks is ethical and supports the reputation of the 1001Networks website and brand. The Code provides guidance for different types of work situations and the demanding standards that characterize our work environment can be summarized by some simple principles to apply daily. 1001Networks policies and recommendations and procedures are subject to change by 1001Networks at any time.

You are required to behave in a law-abiding and ethical manner that is critical to our success. You must comply with the legal provisions and regulations relating to your professional conduct. In addition, you should avoid and report any activity that involves or may result in 1001Networks in any fraudulent activity. Therefore, you must understand the laws and regulations that apply to your work and comply with the legal requirements of the country in which you are employed. Questions related to the topics covered below in this Code should be addressed to:

The lines in this Code describe 1001Networks' commitment to fair and ethical business practices and serve as a guide for all our team members and partners. Our goal is to provide you with the right information and tools so that you can do your job in accordance with the exacting professional and ethical standards required by each person associated with 1001Networks. Although you must read and become familiar with the Code (as well as the specific procedures and principles applicable to your work), issues of ethics and compliance are not always clear and precise. Each situation is different, and subtle differences in appearance may have an influence on how to handle a particular situation. In these circumstances, you should always ask yourself:

- Do I have all the elements?

- Is this a violation of the law or any 1001Networks principle or procedure?

- What consequences could result from my decisions or my immobilism?

- Would I be proud / proud to talk about my actions to people I respect?

- Would I like to see them broadcast in the newspapers the next day?

- Can a 1001Networks member be able to advise me?

- If you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure what to do, please seek advice from your line manager or email us at

The following values are provided by 1001Networks and applicable to everyone at 1001Networks, in the interest of complying with the laws of our company, our community, our customers, our prospects, our colleagues, our partners and our natural environment.

1001Networks worth of any fundamentals: Respect

Respect oneself, respect the law, respect human rights, respect our prospects, respect our customers, respect our colleagues, respect our partners, respect our surroundings, respect our living environment, respect our society, respect our community, respect our differences.

You are required to behave in a law-abiding and ethical manner that is critical to our success. You must comply with the legal provisions and regulations relating to your professional conduct. In addition, you should avoid and report any activity that involves or may result in 1001Networks in any fraudulent activity. Therefore, you must understand the laws and regulations that apply to your work and comply with the legal requirements of the country in which you are employed. Some laws apply to everyone, such as those on equal opportunities and health and safety in the workplace. Others mainly concern employees and subcontractors occupying certain functions, such as the laws and regulations pertaining to our transportation networks, financial publications and customer service. The laws that govern our activities can be complex, but no one is supposed to ignore the law. Ask your managers, your Company Contact or the legal department of your company if you are unsure about these laws and regulations relating to your work.

In addition to complying with the law, you must also comply with the standards of ethics and other standards set out in this Code. 1001Networks strives to conduct all of its business activities to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. You are required to adopt an attitude of unconditional integrity, responsibility and professionalism as part of your duties. You must be honest and sincere and respect the rights of customers, government agents, the public, suppliers, competitors and your colleagues or subcontractors. You must not, under any circumstances, take fraudulent advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, dissemination of misleading information on material facts or any other similar intentional practice. You must not participate in or encourage any illegal conduct of others.

This Code illustrates and summarizes the principles of many of the key areas of ethics and ethics. If it addresses our main concerns, there are other specific principles you need to read and understand. For example, Subcontractors should refer to the terms of their contracts with 1001Networks, as well as their own internal policies and procedures. It is also important to maintain a relationship of trust between employees and managers, to maintain professional and productive relationships with employees of other subcontractors and to exercise good judgment and integrity in all circumstances. Managers must ensure compliance with this Code, both by themselves and their employees. We must ensure that we act in accordance with the law and ethics at all times, even if this has a negative impact on our business or earnings in the short term. Adopting a lawful and ethical attitude is in our long-term interest as it ensures the sustainability of our reputation for reliability and reliability. A true code of ethics encourages the loyalty of our team members, suppliers and customers while fostering a beneficial relationship between 1001Networks and its partners.

In case of suspicion or knowledge for you or your entourage at 1001Networks, verbal aggression, moral or physical, moral or physical harassment, cybère harassment, intimidation, insults, bullying, blackmail, non advance condemned, feeling of constant insecurity, poor health, poor hygiene, polluting activity related to the professional and natural environment, non-respect of human rights, activity with a conflict of interest in 1001Networks, malfeasance, sexually oriented proposals, offering in-kind benefits, bribes, valuable gifts or bonuses, requests for unauthorized or illegal favors, improper payment, disclosure of a secret that could directly or indirectly harm the business of 1001Networks; secret activity in preparation that could affect the activity of 1001Networks, espionage against 1001networks and its employees, attempts of malicious intrusion, unauthorized in an area or local, secure, private and / or regulated by 1001Networks, visual anomaly or activity that may be present, directly and indirectly on the 1001Networks site and off the site, that may affect a physical person, legal entity or activity of 1001Networks, crime insider, activity and political or religious contribution, disclosure of confidential information, non-compliance with antitrust law, accounting and / or tax fraud, use of tools and the image of 1001networks personal purposes; deletion of sensitive data, communication of internal information not approved by 1001Networks to internet media, TV, press and Radio,

Report Abuse - The 1001Networks Alert Line:

In a friendly and preventive approach, we advise you to consult your supervisor then to contact as soon as possible our line: In order to save processing time, please make sure to communicate precise information and sources reliable. Make sure beforehand that you have gathered all the elements and sources of specific information defining the situation in question. your email will be confidential, considered, studied in the respect of the anonymity. There will be no broadcast or publication. of your email. The 1001Networks principles prohibit any form of retaliation for reporting in good faith misbehaved conduct that is known or suspected of other people.


Our principles are to avoid the occurrence of illegal or unethical or unethical attitudes, to immediately stop such attitudes as soon as they are detected and to take disciplinary action against those who adopt them. We will also take action against those responsible who fail in their duty of supervision and control, thus allowing such attitudes to take place without being detected. All team members must cooperate in internal investigations to protect the interests of 1001Networks, our customers and their colleagues. Any deviation from the guidelines set out in this Code or other 1001Networks principles can have serious consequences for both the data subject and 1001Networks. Conduct contrary to the guidelines set forth in this Code or other FedEx Principles constitutes grounds for disciplinary action up to and including the termination of the hiring or engagement contract. In some cases, criminal and civil proceedings may also be initiated. The Executive Vice President and General Counsel of 1001Networks is ultimately responsible for verifying compliance with applicable law, this Code and all related policies and procedures. Each member of the 1001Networks Leadership Team is responsible for ensuring compliance with this Code and all other applicable principles and procedures within their area of ​​responsibility.

The values at 1001Networks is also

Benevolence, honesty, honesty, excellence, efficiency, listening, thoughtfulness, concern for well-being for all, stable and positive attitude, humility, minimalism, the autonomy, the interest for the challenge, the playful spirit, the blooming within 1001Networks, the full consciousness of its actions, the team strategy, the common force of proposal, the adaptability, the confidence, Tolerance, Pride, Loyalty, Integrity, Wisdom, Reflection, Openness in Laws, Tolerance, Confidentiality in Laws, Protocol Discipline, Attendance , perseverance.

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