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The provider providing hosting of the Site and the storage of direct and permanent information is SAS OVH whose head office is located at 140 quai du Sartel 59100 Roubaix - Phone 0-820-698-765.


Each of the terms mentioned below will have in these terms of use (TOS) the following meaning, and what they are used in the singular or the plural:

"Site": Refers to the website www.1001networks.com;

"Users": Refers to any individual making use of the predefined website, whatever its purpose;

"Providers": Refers to all the professionals referenced on the site;

"Privacy Data": All information about the user.


These general conditions of use are intended to govern the use and access to the site, the services offered and the rights and obligations of the parties. The privacy policy and the cookie policy are part of the general conditions of use. The user of the 1001networks site is aware that the site is a self-managed and self-enriched communication platform with information provided by users. The creation of an account on this site entails your full acceptance of all these terms and conditions of use. The terms and conditions of use may be changed at any time without notice. All users will be notified under fortnight the new terms and conditions of use.


3.1 The site allows you to search for products and services available in the transport sector, offered by third-party companies (the "Service Providers"). The site is developed with the objective of obtaining a ranking of the best performers in each city, region, country, based on all the data relating to the ratings obtained and the comments of the users.

The services available on the site are:

Transport performance comparison,

Ranking of offers via referencing providers on the basis of a Top 100,

Rating of referenced providers,

Setting up a Top 100 People.

The information provided by the 1001networks site is for information only and can not relieve the User of a complementary and personalized analysis of each provider.

3.2 - It is necessary to differentiate the Top 100 of the providers specialized in the delivery and the Top 100 people. The Top 100 providers will be updated daily via an algorithm thanks to comments from site users. This Top 100 of providers will be more objective, based solely on feedback from people who have benefited from a service and can be audited. The Top 100 people for its part lists the most active users on the site. Indeed, the users will be able to be given points according to their implication. In addition, users will have the opportunity to acquire additional points to gain greater visibility in the Top 100 people.


Access to the entire site is subject to the creation of a personal space by the user. The creation of this personal space is made by the registration of the user on the home page of the site. To benefit from the services of the site, the user must enter his email address and choose a password. When creating the account, two possibilities are offered to users of the site:

The creation of a "Shipper" account corresponding to the users of the delivery services;

The creation of a "Carrier" account corresponding to the account of the delivery professionals;

On this occasion, the user will be asked to accept these general conditions of use by ticking a box for this purpose. At the end of this registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the user. The user must ensure that the email address that he provided works and that he is the only one to have access to it. The user agrees not to create a fake account including a fake email address created for the occasion. The password chosen is personal and confidential. The site can not be held responsible in case of voluntary disclosure or not by the user of his password and the possible consequences resulting from it. If you forget the password, it can be reset once the request made on the site, through a reset link sent by email. The creation of a personal space guarantees the user secure access as soon as his password is entered and access to his space. Any connection to the personal space from the password defined by the user is assumed by the user. The possibility is offered to the user to close or delete his personal space. Closing will terminate the user's activity, the status "PRO" or "non-PRO", the user position (sender or carrier) as well as the posted notices will always be visible. The definitive deletion of the account will result in the deletion of all the information attached to the account. Two tabs are provided for this purpose within the personal space. The above data will be kept on the 1001networks.com website over a period of 3 years.


The creation of a personal space entails access to a messaging integrated into the site. With this messaging, users will be able to communicate with each other. The user agrees to use this messenger in a benevolent way. The user undertakes not to send racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, pornographic, violent, political and offensive messages and links to a carrier, an individual, an organization or any other third party, living or died. The user undertakes not to send any message that can be likened to moral or sexual harassment. The user commits himself not to communicate information on the prices practiced or obtained. The user also agrees to comply with competition law, provided by the Code of Commerce and antitrust law. The site will not be liable in case of non-compliance with the provisions of the code and the antitrust law. The user undertakes not to communicate any information concerning the customs policies of the countries. The user undertakes to inform via the contact email: contact@1001networks.com the administrators of the site, of any behavior contrary to these general conditions of use. Any breaches reported to the site administrators will result in a penalty that may go as far as filing a criminal complaint.


The site user is offered the opportunity to comment and evaluate the services contracted with the service providers. Only users who have received a transport service within one month can submit a notice on the service received. The user is informed that a proof of delivery may be requested randomly following a deposit of comment (including package number or delivery note). Comments left by users will be based on:

Operational quality

The quality of customer service;

The quality of computer tools.

The user is informed that all comments, opinions, ratings left on the site will be referenced online publicly. The comments will be visible after study by a moderator of the site, within 48 hours to 72 hours. Any threatening, insulting, abusive, deceptive or missing statement to these general conditions of use will be penalized (see ARTICLE.13 SANCTIONS). The user is informed that he can delete his vote at any time thanks to the history of his profile. The user is informed that no remuneration will be granted because of his activity on the site, considering the frequency of use. The user authorizes 1001networks to use his vote for commercial and promotional purposes on all audiovisual media in the world. The site reserves the right, for any reason whatsoever and in its sole discretion, to refuse to publish or delete, without notice any comment. The site agrees not to modify the comments and will not be held responsible or liable to prosecution due to these comments. The site and its members remain impartial and do not endorse or endorse the opinions expressed in user comments. As a reminder, it is of utmost importance that the comments of users of the site are as honest and objective as possible. Thus the site is also committed to publish all comments from users whether they are positive or negative as long as they comply with these terms of use. The user agrees to:

not to publish confidential information that could potentially directly or indirectly harm the carrier or a third party;

not to publish a comment mentioning nouns or insults or name-calling;

not to post comments aimed at deceiving or abusing;

not to post comments promoting illegal activity;

not having received directly or indirectly gifts or favors from the carrier to obtain a better rating on this vote;

- not to directly or indirectly disclose information relating to the safety and security of the carrier or a third party,

- not to disclose information relating to competition;

- not to divulge the rate of the service for which he leaves a comment;

- not to disclose information relating to the customs policy of a country or that may be detrimental to the security of that country;

- not to publish racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, pornographic, violent, political or offensive language and / or links to a carrier, an individual, an organization or any other third party, living or dead, or the apology for terrorism,

- not to make statements confined to moral or sexual harassment,

- not to communicate his voucher number and his personal data on the vote, as well as the content of the delivery made.

- not to communicate by any means, the nature of his goods,

- its value and the addressee's details,

- do not usurp a third party via a false profile,

- to have read, understood, approved and applied in its entirety the conditions of commitments listed above before the vote, by ticking the box "I have read and approve the general conditions of use".


Any complaint relating to the operation of the site can be directed to the administrators via the following mail: contact@1001networks.com


8.1 The site may contain links to another platform, or partner site that is not administered by the 1001NETWORKS SASU. If you click to a third-party link you will be automatically redirected to a third-party site. We inform you that each site has its own terms of use or sale, and we strongly advise you to read them. These redirects are only intended to simplify the user's searches. We are not responsible for any third party sites to which you will be redirected.

8.2 The site can not be held liable for any damage caused by the redirection to a third party site or a partner site.

8.3 No guarantee is given to the user of the site as to the absence of anomalies that may cause difficulties to navigate the site, or for any performance defect. No guarantee is given as to the quality of the service, that the service will meet the expectations of the user, or that the service is reliable and free from error. No guarantee is given on the absence of interruption of the site or on the possibility of putting an end to these anomalies.

8.4 The user undertakes to guarantee and indemnify the SASU 1001NETWORKS, against any damage, complaint, or request coming from thirds following the violation by the user of the general conditions of use of this site. This warranty provides full compensation for damages to SASU 1001NETWORKS, as well as potential attorneys' fees and legal costs.


The entire site, its general structure, its visual identity, as well as all the components and its know-how is the exclusive property of SASU 1001NETWORKS or third parties who have granted it a license. The same is true of any databases appearing on the Site that are protected by the Intellectual Property Code. The distinctive signs of the site and its partners, such as domain names, trademarks, names and logos appearing on the Site are protected by the Code of Intellectual Property. Any total or partial representation of the Site by any person whatsoever without the express permission of Damien Chapus is prohibited and may constitute an infringement, unfair competition or parasitism provided for by the articles of the Code of Intellectual Property and the Civil Code.


The cookie policy of the 1001Networks website is detailed in a document annexed to these terms and conditions of use on the "Legal Notices" tab.


The privacy policy of the 1001Networks site is detailed in a document attached to these terms and conditions of use on the "Legal Notices" tab.


The user agrees to use the site and his personal account only under the conditions defined herein. The user is informed that he must use the site for private and non-profit purposes, in accordance with public order, morality and the rights of third parties, without preventing or attempting to prevent its operation. Illegal use of the service is prohibited and in particular to try to advantage or disadvantage a referenced provider on the site. It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purpose any part of the service offered by the site.


Any user contravening the aforementioned rules is liable to one of the sanctions provided below.

Deletion of the comment: Any comment that does not respect the conditions set out in article 6 hereof may be deleted at any time.

Account suspension Repeated editing of comments that do not comply with the general conditions of use may result in suspension of access to the personal space. Publishing a comment based on a false delivery where it is likely to advantage or disadvantage voluntarily a professional will automatically suspend the account. The duration of the suspension will be determined by the directors on a discretionary basis.

Deletion of definitive account The personal space of the user may be deleted in case of repetition of the aforementioned suspensions. The personal space of the user will be automatically deleted in case of publication of comments or links of a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, pornographic, violent, political and offensive tendency towards a carrier, an individual, an organization or any other third parties, living or dead, or advocating terrorism. Suppression will also occur in the case of remarks confined to moral and sexual harassment.

Criminal complaint Since cyber-harassment is a recurring problem, it is essential for the administrators of the site, any racist behavior, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, pornographic, violent, political or moral or sexual harassment and offensive trend towards a carrier , an individual, an organization or any other third party, living or deceased may result in the filing of a cyberharcement complaint.


The general conditions of use come into force on their date of posting. These are applicable until the entry into force of a new version of the general conditions of use. They are opposable to the user when browsing the site. The general conditions are likely to be modified or adjusted at any time, according to the evolution of the legislation or the needs of the site


These general conditions of use are governed and interpreted in accordance with French laws. The original version of these terms and conditions of use was written in French before being translated into other languages. These in-house translations are only provided for propriety and are not authentic. In the event of any dispute regarding the content or interpretation of this contract, in the event of inconsistency or difference between the French version and a translated version, the French version shall prevail and shall prevail unless otherwise provided by national law. The original French version is available on the site (by choosing the interface in French) and it can be sent to you on simple written request from you. If any of the provisions of these terms and conditions of use should be declared invalid or unwritten, you remain bound by all other provisions set out in these terms and conditions of use. Any legal action related to this contract will be subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts and French law