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Abrasive blasting is a pre-treatment process, which cleans auto parts, metal, and masonry so that the surface is totally free of any previous paint, rust, dirt, or minor imperfections. Abrasive blasting removes: paint, graffiti, rust, oil and grease.

At High Tech Blasting we employ the correct blast media to achieve the highest standard of cleanliness, ensuring a proper surface finish prior to painting. Professional cleaning of metal and pre-paint preparation should never be compromised, as it is vital for the durability and longevity of the final painted finish.

The versatility of the media we employ in the blasting process, enables us to refine the process to meet specific requirements. Our processes achieve the proper profile for the metal surface without harming the metal itself, leaving a superior pre-paint surface.

The correct blasting process produces the correct surface layer, which has the beneficial effect of denying corrosion and fatigue induced cracks, a place to start and allows quick and easy visual inspection for defects.

At High Tech Blasting we have the skills, experience and state of the art equipment, which enable us to under-take high quality professional industrial restoration work.

We use the correct blast media to provide durable, long-lasting paint finishes.

High quality is our signature

- From functional industrial work to refined restoration work on vintage vehicles
- The correct blasting application for the perfect result, using the best abrasive blast media
- Hi-Tech Blasting do a start to finish job, from cleaning to primer coats and final paint
- We have paint systems to meet the full range of standards and technical requirements
- Hi-Tech Blasting is the Abrasive Blasting specialist based in Timaru
- Our services extend South Island-wide, with our portable blasting unit we can come to you

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