Teachers, students, and parents...

Due to COVID-19 and the challenges it presents, we must all strive to master the online tools and resources we have at our disposal. With the implementation of remote learning, there are many applications that Dilley ISD expects the teachers and students to use. This website is intended for anyone who is in need of help with these applications. We are here to assist with the need of the ever growing demands of the technology you face.

We are in this TOGETHER

Despite living through this pandemic, school expectations are still the same. We are asking everyone to embrace technology.

We are changing the culture with the use of technology. This is not an easy thing to do but given the times, we must do it TOGETHER.

Teachers are learning and perfecting the online instruction experience everyday.

Students need to do their part and try their best to do the work that is being assigned.

Parents, we need your help to hold your children accountable for doing their schoolwork online everyday.

Dilley ISD is here to serve you but the pandemic has changed things. Now more then ever the classroom experience is extended into every household. We must all do our part.